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Empty Folder Cleaner is a free advanced utility to delete empty folders from your computer and remove the clutter in order to increase performance. Removing empty folders that are empty, or do contain only empty subfolders, or junk files , will increase the speed of file searches and the overall performance of your computer. The folders to be scanned can be specified and the empty folders that are found are displayed in a tree and a list structure. Only selected empty folders of the empty folder scan result are deleted. Backup files of the folders that are deleted can be kept and each deletion can be undone. The user can specify filenames that will be considered as junk files using wildcards and regular expressions. Also, it is possible to specify protected folders, protected files and folders to ignore using wildcards and regular expressions. Folders that are empty and have empty subfolders are considered as empty. Also, folders that have files of zero file size or include only files that were specified junk files (e.g. thumbs.db, desktop.ini) are considered as empty. The empty folders that are being deleted, can be deleted permanently, deleted to the recycle bin or can be stored as a backup compressed in a zip file. Also, the application unlocks folders and files that are currently in use before attempting to delete them using the Free File Unlocker engine. Therefore it is not necessary to use another application in order to delete folders with files that are in use and locked. The maximum folder scan depth can also be set and the option to always delete the files using administrator priviledges. Empty Folder Cleaner is translated into 38 different major languages. The application is fully integrated into the Windows shell and folders can be selected and scanned using a right mouse click in Windows Explorer. A portable version is also available.

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